Edison Research have just released the first part of the ‘American Youth Study 2010’ called ‘Radio’s Future’, which, not surprisingly, looks at the future of radio as it relates to the behaviour and habits of American youth.

It does not make pleasant reading for the mainstream old school music indsutry. It does however give you insights into how you should be thinking about and planning how to promote your music.

If the trends continue, people under 34 will increasingly turn away from radio to the internet to listen to and seek out music and as those demographics age that shift will accelerate. Clearly time to know how to build a niche following online and grow from there.

The American Youth Study 2010 is a significant survey of the media and technology habits of America’s 12-24 year-olds, and represents a sequel to a study originally conducted by Edison in 2000. In addition to a sample of today’s 12-24 year-old Americans, this study also re-examines a cohort from the 2000 study – today’s 22-34 year olds – to analyze how their tastes and habits have changed over the past decade.

The first release from this dataset is subtitled “Radio’s Future,” and is focused on the music discovery and consumption habits of young Americans.

Read the intro piece here.

And go direct to the pdf report here.