We know from direct experience that having your music on Pandora can have an incredible effect on your profile.

An artist whose album we released 5 years ago has, over the last 2 years, slowly seen a rabidly loyal following grow – all of it thanks to his popularity on Pandora. His music is recommended on that service when people listen to other more mainstream artists whom he sounds like. Because his record is brilliant, he gains new fans every day directly from that exposure.

We have also seen his digital sales of an album that had sold a few hundred copies on release steadily grow month after month. This is the long tail!

Check out his music here – He’s called Little People.

As part of the Edison Reasearch report, they have seen that Pandora is still growing massively fast and is the first stop for music discovery for one in 5 young Americans.

I know it works – you should be on there.

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