If it has any relevance in your genre and if you can muster enough fans to buy it, you really should make vinyl versions of at least some of your releases.

We try to do it as often as possible – fans love it and the very act of your material being available on vinyl marks you out as being serious and aids your music promotion.

The article below was another that I picked up from @BuzzSonic and looks at the resurgence of vinyl’s popularity.

We live in the age of new technology. It seems the face of music, and the way in which we receive and listen to it, is constantly changing. CD’s can be listened to on thousand dollar sound-systems with multi-disk changers, or a stereo sitting in your mom’s kitchen. CD’s themselves are quickly on their way out, with the creation of MP3’s and products like the IPod. In the face of all this change, however, lies a huge contradiction to our generation’s seemingly constant urgency to go bigger, better, newer and shinier. This is of course, the resurgence in popularity of vinyl records.

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