This news piece from the BBC is obviously UK centric but the theme that guitar bands aren’t breaking though to major success is true of the US and other markets as well.

It’s a good article but it misses the point that UK acts that have grown up on a US R&B and Hip Hop heritage are now succeeding worldwide (at least with singles) in a way that they never have before. And, on top of that, our UK radio system is closing the doors on the new guitar bands because of Radio 1’s insistence on concentrating on the UK urban scene rather than a wider demographic.

It also ignores the fact that there are some phenomenal acts doing their own DIY musician thing both here and the US and they will surely break through to have long careers.It’s just a question of when.

From The Beatles to the Arctic Monkeys, Britain’s great rock bands have belted out the soundtracks to our lives and carved a place at the heart of our culture.

So why have so few new bands broken through in the past couple of years? And what are new acts doing to keep guitar music alive?

It’s well worth a read though. Read it here.