I love pretty much everything Mic Control write – insightful and no bullshit.

This piece on how an artist can engage fans in the lead-up to an album release has several killer ideas that all artists can employ but those engaged in a direct to fan release should be doing something along these lines for sure.

If fan-funding has proven one thing, it is that dedicated fans desire an experience more than a product, and are willing to pay good money to make that happen. Any fan can purchase a new album for $9.99 from iTunes or download it for free in exchange for an email address through Bandcamp, so why would they be willing to contribute $50, $100, $500 and even upwards of $2000 or more to experience the same music?

It is not because of some incentives or prizes, though some of them can be really cool, but because the super fans of the world are in love with the idea that they can join their favorite artists in the experience of creating their next album. This allows the fans to feel more connected to the music, simply because they felt like they were there with you through the creative process as it all came to be.

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