We’ve written about Chamillionaire before and how he connects with the tech crowd and the music fans.

But, why is he so good at it? What is it about his journey, learning and skills that has enabled him to use technology so effectively in building his fanbase? And what can you learn to help you build your fanbase?

This is a great blog post that delves into that very question. I heartily recommend that you read and watch it all.

With all of the knowledge in the room the person who stole the night wasn’t even on a panel.  I had called on Chamillionaire from the audience and asked him to provide some views on how artists view social media, why they use it and where it’s heading.  He was riveting.

He stood up, grabbed the mic and gave a heartfelt overview of his experiences in experimenting with new technologies to build relationships with his audience, get feedback on his product quality and to market his music all the way to the top of iTunes.  To stay the crowed was “wowed” was an understatement. He received that only round of applause of the evening.

Read the whole thing here.