We have @BuzzSonic to thank for putting me on to this. His tweets are fantastic and always on the money.

This mammoth post on the Pet Marmoset blog is a perfect companion to our posts on building a fan mailing list.

It is essential to build a mailing list for your fans and it is also essential to learn how to communicate with them by email and how to analyse and improve the response you get from those mailings.

This is a great post to help you do that.

Moreover, if you are an artist or you are in a band and you confidently think your fan emails are good and effective, I would like to ask you how you know this is the case. How do you know you are successful? Are you assuming your emails work because people come out to your shows and because the fans you encounter mention that they like your emails? I would like to politely challenge your confidence and proclaim that if you’re not actually tracking, analyzing and optimizing your emails, based on real response data – than you truly have no idea if you are successful with your emails or not. But don’t worry…. you’re not alone.

Read the whole post here.