Imogen Heap epitomises the future of music. Self funded, web 2.0 everything, fan friendly etc.

This interview may not tell you anything new about her and the way that she engages with her fans but her holistic approach to her music and her fans is well worth your study.

When the singer-songwriter Imogen Heap heard last December that she had been nominated for two Grammy awards, her very first thought was, ‘What am I going to wear?’ Heap, 32, who had been nominated for the Best Engineered Album Grammy (as well as Best Pop Instru-mental) wanted an outfit that would capture the LED lights of the studio that she had built in her childhood home in rural Essex to record her third solo album, Ellipse.

Not only that, she wanted a creation that would involve her fan base, with whom she was in contact during the making of the record via fortnightly video blogs from her home and frequent tweets (Heap has nearly 1.5 million followers on Twitter).

So she asked Moritz Waldemeyer (a British-German designer and engineer who has worked with Zaha Hadid) to construct an elliptical collar for her dress, around which messages sent to the dress’s Twitter account scrolled in LED lights throughout the evening. She accessorised with a see-through Fendi handbag containing an iPod Touch that was constantly uploaded with images sent by fans, plus a transparent biodegradable parasol (just because).

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