James Chatman – you made a mistake!

These are indeed 5 great music marketing blogs and everyone should know them and review them regularly.

James says:

The internet is cluttered with blogs on a plethora of topics. Good blogs are wonderful sources of information and are regularly updated with insightful and enlightening content. Unfortunately though, good blogs are sometimes hard to find. The internet is a breeding ground for information where anyone, no matter how ill-informed or misguided they may be, has the opportunity to express their opinion. For this reason I decided to do some digging around to find the best music marketing blogs. Below are five of my favourites…

Find out what the 5 are here.

BUT – you missed the best one out. Ours.

Not just music marketing – although we have that covered – but everything you need to know to succeed in the music business – songwriting, performance, the business and on and on.

Make It In Music – the best blog for aspiring musicians.