Do we need another? What’s so different about this one?

Well, as a place to promote your music, this new site launched by Roadrunner Records has a twist. Roadrunner are a label with a massive rock tradition and credibility. The site allows bands to create a profile and upload music – as you’d expect – but fans also get to ‘A&R’ the artists and there are weekly charts across many genres.

You can bet that Roadrunner are watching who is appealing to the users – and probably plenty of other labels are too!

If my band suited the genres that the site will gravitate towards then I’d definitely spend the time to build a profile there.

Roadrunner Records has announced the launch of SignMeTo Roadrunner Records, a dynamic new free service that mimics the actual A&R process using social networking tactics.

SignMeTo is a fun and functional way for fans and unsigned bands to participate in the music industry’s A&R process. Users begin by signing up as “scouts,” and unsigned bands create their own profiles, which scouts then rate and tag. The band profiles offer comprehensive functionality, with bands being able to upload photos, video, music and tour dates. For added convenience, artists and managers are able to use one dashboard to control multiple profiles.

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BTW – Dotted Music – an excellent blog!