Bob, again, on what it takes to make it and his vision of the future of music.

Lots of people think he rants and misses the point. I don’t.

I think he rants and makes some genius, insightful points. This is one I’d urge you to read.

In order to make it and sustain in the music business, it can’t be about the money.

I know, I know, this is the last thing you want to hear.  But that’s why you’re never going to make it.  If you’re going to make it, it’s got to be about the obsession, the need to make it.  That’s what Mr. Nocera points out in his column.  Facebook may have been the Winklevoss twins’ idea, but they never would have made it successful.  They were obsessed with rowing, Mark Zuckerberg was obsessed with coding, with changing the world.

Are you obsessed with music?

And, if you are, do you own the musical equivalent of a Harvard degree? If I mention some obscure band from the seventies, do you know it? You’d be surprised how many successful young musicians do.  They know the history of the game.  You’ve got to know where you came from in order to make it today.

Read the whole thing at Bob’s site.