This little fact about the power of social media marketing comes from Eventbrite and is a very valuable piece of information that you can apply to your facebook music marketing.

Eventbrite is an amazing online ticketing tool – watch the video below – that you ought to be aware of.

In their tracking of people using the service they discovered that there was a 6 times higher return from people sharing their ticket info on Facebook than on Twitter.

It’s safe to assume that those numbers would apply to any sharing – i.e. that related to your music.

So, think Facebook first, Twitter second. 

Sharing a link on Facebook can be worth almost six times the value of that same link shared in a tweet, according to a new study from event ticketing startup Eventbrite.

Eventbrite puts buttons on its website that let users automatically share events on the service through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email. By tracking the use of these buttons, and the sales it generated from consumers who arrived at the site through those referrals, Eventbrite determined the value of each kind of share.

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