We are always looking for tips on how to best use facebook for musicians.

And this is a key little fact that has been unearthed in relation to brands interacting with consumers on Facebook but it can equally apply to bands.

More than 75% of people who joined a fan page did so as a result of an advertisement or invitation – rather than finding it themselves.

Given that it was recently shown that people are far more likely to ‘like’ a page that was already proving to be popular – the herding instinct in action – it must be worthwhile to kick off your fan page and encourage people to join by inviting as many fans as you can and by advertising.

This eBook from AllFacebook has some superb ideas on how to do just that – 3,000 fans in 30 days. Well worth a read.

In some respects, Facebook Pages are the new web pages. With more than 500m registered users and counting, Facebook is to brands today what the internet was to brands in the 1990s when the consumer internet was in its infancy.

For that reason, many brands are investing in a presence on Facebook, and the number of brands on Facebook is growing all the time.

But how can brands succeed with their Facebook Pages? How do they acquire ‘fans’? Will Facebook eventually enable brands to spend less on advertising, as they can reach consumers directly where they’re hanging out online?

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