Sorry – we shouldn’t have to read this, but take it as intended.

A treatise on the future of music, everything that is wrong with the music and media business, or just the death throes of an old system that has nothing to do with music at all.

You tell me – but it’s worth reading to the bitter end!

Normally at this time of year Cowell would be shuttling between London and Los Angeles, wrapping up The X Factor in the UK and preparing for his role as a judge on the next series of American Idol, the show that made him a star in the US. But not this year. Following a split from his on-off friend Simon Fuller – the man who created Idol and the brains behind the Spice Girls – Cowell is going it alone. Next year, he launches X Factor in the US, where it will compete directly for advertisers and sponsors with Fuller’s Idol – the biggest programme on American television for the past eight years.

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