Although I manage songwriters for a living, I don’t write about how to improve your songwriting enough on the blog. I have my opinions, but, as I don’t write myself, I defer to the creators more often than not.

We will be getting some in depth songwriting contributions in the near future though.

Photo by Adrian F

So, when I find an article like this one, I have to pass it on. Read the article but also go and look through the comments as they have some real in depth discussion that you can learn from – I particularly like the breakdown of Lady GaGa song structures.

Many of my all-time favorite songs are “growers” – album tracks that don’t really grab you the first few spins, but eventually dig their hooks in and don’t let go. Few artists these days have the luxury of writing growers, because listeners aren’t willing to invest that kind of time. Unless the artist is proven to deliver, the listener will tune out and move on. While I’m a huge fan of the album format, it’s hard to deny the shifting focus from albums to individual songs. Every one of those songs needs to grab the listener’s attention and hold it until the last note – preferably longer! In order for your songs to be grabbers rather than growers, they must have clear and familiar structures.

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