Is it enough to concentrate all your efforts on online music promotion only?

I’m not sure, but this article suggests that it might be right for your band as online is where all the action is and where you can create a real two-way exchange with your fans.

I promote to establish and nurture a genuine relationship with my fans. I measure my success by the number of subscribers to my mailing list. Notice I said mailing list, not Twitter followers or MySpace “friends.” I’m talking about the people who grant me permission through a double opt-in process to email them directly on a regular and consistent basis. Right now there are just over a thousand, but there are plenty more out there who might love my music if they heard it. So how do we reach those potential fans?

I’m not advocating this approach necessarily – live work, radio, press etc are all part of the mix, but you can’t deny that focusing your efforts online where you can build your fanbase more easily makes a lot of sense.

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