Cameron at has posted a brilliant article about why every artist should embrace apple’s ‘Ping’ network on iTunes.

Yesterday we posted apple’s own guidelines, but Cameron’s article is a much easier read – and he argues that having your profile set up is a key part of your online music promotion.

Apple’s recent rollout of iTunes 10 included a new feature called Ping, dubbed a “social network for music” by the creators. Ping’s release was followed by a good deal of criticism from the tech and music blogs, and for the most part, I agreed with them. Coming from a company that’s notorious for unveiling gadgets and software that impress from the moment of Steve Jobs’ keynote, this feature kind of felt like it wasn’t ready for public use. But despite it’s downfalls, and perhaps because of it’s small splash in the online music and social networking community, there are several reasons why every musician should be using iTunes Ping.

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