Another piece that isn’t directly about music publicity but it’s lesson can be easily applied.

Scott Stratten is a marketing guy who used his Twitter followers to engage with him and help him set up a book tour – which he KNEW would be a success before he set out!

This is a great marketing lesson that can be followed by bands – do exactly what he did but for your next record release, or get your followers to sell tickets before you book a gig, or get pre-sales of a record before you make it using fan funding or do anything else that you can get your followers to do for you before you commit to specifics.

The Oakville expert in viral and social marketing has used his status as one of the world’s top influencers on Twitter to pre-sell 3,000 copies of his book and pretty much guarantee hundreds, if not thousands, more.

Named by the global PR company Edelman the 19th most influential twitterer by engagement, the business consultant and blogger tweeted to his followers that he’d go to any city where a sponsor would preorder 100 books and pay his expenses. After posting the first 10 cities, fans started rallying.

Read how he did it here.