I found this article on the Unsigned Guide blog that reveals a lot about how one electronic act pushed hard to get heard.

You can find plenty of tips in there to help you promote your music.

Collecting email addresses, lots of free content, videos, illegal remixing and mix tapes – it’s all good.

The Slips are not just another electro/dance outfit. Comparisons to LCD Soundsystem seem to have made their way around blogs (they’ve received good reviews from the likes of Music Week, the Fly and many more) though I find they manage to incorporate the typical “French Touch” that Daft Punk or the more recent Justice are so good at. One thing is for sure – these guys will make you dance!

What’s more, The Slips are definitely pro-active and do not simply hope things will just happen. As they repeated a few times during the interview, “you need to look at every possible channel nowadays”.

Read it on the Unsigned Guide’s blog.