Ping – is it the essential future or another waste of time?

It seems that the artists featuring most heavily are seeing an increase in sales but, given that they are so far the megastars that we all know – is that a case of chicken and egg?

And how do you, as an indie artist, get your artist profile up and running and get some attention from your online music promotion efforts?

Well, Apple has decided to help you out with the release of their own best practice guide, which has been posted by the lovely folk at Tunecore.

The first hurdle is getting an artist profile set up, which is currently best done by getting your digital distributor (whoever that may be) to contact itunes and request your artist profile – there are millions of people doing this, so it may take some time!

Once you are set up, go and download the guide and follow the rather dry suggestions!

Get the Apple artist guide to Ping here.