You might not like this and you might think Gene is a cynic, but you should read the article and watch the video either way!

Gene is honest about what he applied by way of music marketing and that he had a plan at the outset to create the band and the show that he  knew people would love.

Simmons took great care to point out KISS has also lent its name and likeness to 3000 licensed products, from condoms to caskets. “We’ll get you coming and we’ll get you going,” he quipped. (Motorcycles and hi-def TVs are also in the works.)

There’s a logic to all this, which revealed itself not-so-subtly as the session progressed. Kicking off a montage for Family Jewels, a Gene broadcast over our heads intoned, “Why do people seek my advice? Successful band, successful business, successful family.”

That attitude, encapsulated in those words, about covers it.

Read the whole piece and see the video here.