We are always getting asked by people how they can become better songwriters.

At least they understand that the ability to write a great song is a key skill and they want to improve to give themselves the best shot possible.

There are loads of ways – study, find collaborators who are more advanced than you (Craig’s List, facebook, MySpace), go to seminars etc. We’ll be looking at this in a lot more detail on the main Make It In Music site after the imminent relaunch.

One way is to go and network with expert songwriters at meet-ups or conferences. You’ll learn from them as they speak but you’ll also get to meet other aspiring writers and can hook yourself up with some sessions or teaching.

People overlook the development of this core skill – don’t be one of them.

If you live in the UK, there is a great event that does just this coming up on 25th – 27th October. My pick is the Tuesday 26th day as there are talks by seriously successful songwriters. And it’s only £10 a day!

Events like these can give you the break your carer needs.

Check out SongFest here.