Chamillionaire turned up at TechCrunch’s Disrupt conference for the second year in a row last week.

His attendance last year brought about a last minute Q&A on stage much to the surprise of the attendees. This year he was invited back for another rather more planned session. He talks about how he uses the web and stays up to date with technology in his take on online music marketing.

I was put on to this by a reader response in Bob Lefsetz’s mailbag – Bob has all the best stories! – who pointed the video out to Bob.

I’m not sure if this bit from Bob’s mailbag is Bob or the reader but it is very insightful.

I couldn’t turn this off. Forget the street language, this guy is very smart and knows what he’s talking about.  The interviewer is a bozo.  And Chamillionaire makes the tech startup peeps look ridiculous. One major point he makes is for an artist, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!  An entrepreneur can just start another company, a record label or manager can just sign another act, but an artist only gets one shot. Sure, you can change your name, but people know. So every step you take must be weighed and judged accordingly. You’re building your rep, or destroying it.  Stay in long enough to where Chamillionaire says he’s not gonna make another record for Universal, he doesn’t want to owe them any money.  Furthermore, when he starts talking about Mashable… How many people making decisions at Universal even know what Mashable is? Whew!

How important is that quote? I’d never thought about it, but it’s right. You only get ONE reputation as an artist, so you’d better get it right!

Watch the video here – I couldn’t get the link to embed!