You need to know what type of artist you are, what you are trying to acheive and who you want to appeal to.

On the one hand there is the need to know what musical niche you fit in, at least to begin with….before you go global!

On the other, in these days of ‘direct to fan‘, you need to know what sort of career path you are on.

The direct-to-fan space is crowded, and that means more options for artists. But it looks like a number of companies are just starting to specialize around different types of artists – an early sign of maturation among competitors.  

For example, Topspin is only working with artists that have considerable traction or backing, while CD Baby welcomes any DIY.  Nimbit is currently dialed more towards professionals and serious musicians, according to CEO Bob Cramer. 

But what are the different types of artists, exactly?  That is, beyond the genres and musical styles?  Most artists fall into more than one bucket, but here’s an attempt to describe the various levels. 

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