Go and read this interview with Danny Dee who works day in day out with artists using online music marketing.

You might think you’ve heard it all before but there are some great nuggets in here about how you can uncover places that want to hear about your band and will doubtless give you online promotion.

For artists the term is D to F, which is direct to fan and for consumer brands, and companies it D to C which is direct to consumers, so everything we do is a form of direct marketing rather than push marketing.

Rather than broadcast messaging to a blanket of people I focus on specifically targeting individual consumers, or users/ fans. So its  a highly targeted approach, rather than hey, we’re going to buy a billboard and everyone’s going to see it when they drive by it on the freeway.

Finding out who your key target is or your ideal consumer, and then figuring out how to reach them, how they consume media, what their habits are and creating a strategy or tactical plan around how to best  reach  that user or fan. That’s kinda what I do.

Read the first part of his interview here.