I’m writing up loads of guides whenever I have the time, including one on YouTube for Musicians.

So, I dig around for tips and ideas and I came across this from a few months ago.

How Pixar leaked stuff on to YouTube before the release of Toy Story 3.

Maybe you don’t have their endless budget or film-making skills but there’s a lesson here for all musicians. The fan channel, with playlisted videos that fit with the one they leaked, the comments added (by Pixar folk for sure). You can use these ideas.

Online video is becoming an increasingly important aspect of marketing. With 24 hours of video being uploaded to the YouTube every minute, it’s more important than ever to create powerful and distinctive content. And what’s even more important is to first think, then act; in other words: create a strategy around your viral campaign. That is exactly what Disney did when they created the YouTube account MrCrazycommercials.

Read about it here.