The internet has opened up a myriad of additional possibilities for music publicity that we often look at on our blog.

But, the music publicist is still a key figure in the way that record labels reach mass media. This article covers the basics of what that campaign covers and what they cost!

Music publicity is a misunderstood area of the music industry. Whereas marketing campaigns will spend an allotted budget on advertising, retail promotions through record store listening stations, and other relatively controllable aspects of exposure, publicity campaigns will get records into the hands of the media (print, television, and radio). Provided they support an album, the media can potentially generate more excitement for a release than any marketing campaign, mainly because they tend to act as a forum of educated opinions, and is thereby considered more credible by music audiences. If you find yourself discovering an artist’s music by reading an album review, a band profile, or an interview, chances are a music publicist worked hard to set that up.

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