What does having the facebook ‘like’ button on the pages of your band website do for your online music promotion?

It seems that since the introduction in April of the open graph ‘like’ button on external websites people have seen large increases in traffic and have gathered some very interesting data on the facebook users hitting that button on their own site.

Given that a click on the ‘like’ button on your site shows up in the likers facebook wall, and given that it seesm these people have wider social networks, why wouldn’t you add the button to all your pages?

The button, which launched in April at f8, Facebook’s developer conference, is now present on roughly 2 million sites around the web, from sports sites to news organizations and many other kinds of publishers.

A media analytics lead on Facebook’s Developer Network Insights team crunched some numbers and found that Facebook Likes not only generate interesting data about the “likers” (a.k.a. Facebook users who are also active on your website) themselves; this data also speaks volumes about clickthrough rates, time on-site and other engagement metrics.

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