Looking at Cee Lo’s new single, ‘Fuck You’, as an indicator of how to use all the tools that the internet age affords in order to master your music marketing is a little narrow minded.

This article has a lot of pertinent thoughts that won’t be a mystery to our readers, and it does manage to acknowledge that the attention that Cee-Lo got when his track was first put on YouTube was down to it being both really bloody good and massively profane. A great combination and one that lit the internet up with chat.

The article then sweeps through a number of things that you probably already know about – twitter, fan-funding, special fan packages etc. But it’s a well put together run through. Just don’t expect overnight worldwide recognition by following these tips. Your music had better be exceptional too.

You can’t buy it, watch it on television or even hear it on the radio but Cee Lo Green has a monster hit on his hands.

The R&B singer’s song F*** You! is a blend of pure funk-soul uplift and extensive swearing so catchy that I find myself singing it in the most inappropriate places. And I am not alone; people who have heard it on the internet adore it — in their millions.

It is a prime example of the prevalence of music on the web and how it has taken the guesswork out of hitmaking. Record companies no longer need to send a grovelling plugger to Radio 1 and pray to every god going for a spot on the A-list.

It’s worth reading as a solid overview of the way pop is using the interent to have hits.