What if you aren’t cut out to be a master of twitter for musicians?

I, obviously, am a firm believer in the use of social networks to bring the experience of any artist closer to the fans, but, I accept that some artists don’t want to get this involved or, perhaps, even find it an emotional struggle.

So, maybe it’s not for you, but as this article says, if you don’t embarce it, don’t blame the fans for not being there for you.

My advice – facebook and twitter are essential for 99% of artists today. If you’re not going to use them you’d better come up with a strong idea of your own.

An artist I know recently signed to a major. The label wanted him to be active on social networking sites, to blog and so on, because apparently that’s how you build a fan base these days. Within weeks, he was a nervous wreck. He spent hours sitting in front of his computer, slowly breaking into a cold sweat at the thought of each word he wrote being dissected, with no chance of revision once it had entered cyberspace, potentially spreading across Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.

Read the article on the Guardian site.