As an artist in the modern music business the opinions of mass media still have a massive effect on your chances of success. However, your online music promotion can circumvent mass media and, at least before you reach mass media level, it can build you the core of a long term fanbase.

Your work in social networks is part of this but the step that many artists fail to take on properly is developing relationships with music blogs and making sure that they get reviewed by the bloggers.

This article looks at the wider issue of how blogs have changed the possibilities and type of reviews. Not only are bloggers generally easier to find and get a review from but they are also inherently honest as they owe nothing to the labels.

Finding a bunch of blogs that are in to your music is a key part of any artist’s step to success.

The new music review is a mixture of many different things and unlike its predecessor; it lies more within social media and it’s users than a publication’s pages. Unlike the reviews published on the usual music magazine sites like Rolling Stone and Billboard, the new review is a result of many different opinions a general consensus of opinions within a niche community. In the new era of the digital music review, entire music collectives are built around certain genres, not unlike those built in the era of the zine.

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