“I don’t do Twitter” – I’ve heard that from so many musicians since I started writing about Twitter for Musicians.

They’re worried about the interaction that becomes so instant and that they will bore their fans and not have enough to say to keep them interested. Forget it – as an artist, you ought to have lots to say.

And now, a study has just shown that Twitter followers are more likely than fans engaged with you through other networks to buy something from you. So, not being on Twitter as a musician is just financially stupid….right?

As Twitter continues to explode, the music industry is just starting to wrap its head around what this format means.  Woe is the label or band that ignores the tweet, especially given its highly-viral nature.  “The question has moved from ‘why’ to ‘why not,'” explained Twitter executive Matt Graves during a recent presentation at Bandwidth in San Francisco.  

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