If you read our main site of musician resources or follow our tweets, you’ll know that we often refer to Bob Lefsetz and his insightful meanderings about the music business.

He has pretty much the same view as us about the way the industry is changing and what artists need to do to build a career these days.

Yesterday he looked at Californian duo Pomplamoose and wrote about their incredible reach and growing fanbase built exclusively by YouTube. There are levels of fan engagement that they could be doing on top of this that they aren’t, but what they are doing is working for them.

Most importantly, they are very talented and they work hard!

It’s not about top down marketing, working with Dr. Luke to ensure a hit, it’s about fumbling around by yourself, mostly for fun, with only the most dedicated and creative ultimately succeeding.

Stop shooting for the moon.  Worldwide success is an accident.  Build your fanbase from the ground up. Pomplamoose exudes fun.  You’re drawn to them. That’s how you build an act, not by getting a stylist and learning dance steps.

Read the whole of Bob’s piece here and note what he says in the later paragraphs about building from the ground up. It’s insightful.

Then follow his link to go and watch Pomplamoose videos and see what they do and how they do it.