Facebook for musicians is a topic that we cover all the time on our blog. I’m working on some great video stuff at the moment, in fact.

This article covers ten things that you should be doing to make sure that your fan page is attracting and retaining fans. It’s a little old but the content is valid.

Facebook Pages present a massive opportunity for brands to directly engage with their existing and future customers, even the occasional passer-by. This conversation brings with it the power that all other social media tools and platforms provide which is why this latest release of Facebook Pages is so important for brands. Yes, changes will come to the Pages product over the coming months and years but as many early adopters know, it’s often best to wait until the second version of a product arrives. Now that the second version of Facebook Pages has launched, it’s time for you to take your brand to the next level.

Below, I have outlined 10 tips for creating engaging Facebook Pages. These are only the top 10 and there are many other lessons to be learned but this should serve as the ultimate starter guide for any brand/company looking to make their entrance into Facebook.

I particularly like the link off to a post about customising profile pictures. Read the whole thing here.