….is covered in an eBook that Amanda has drafted and is perfecting at the moment. It will be your bible on facebook for musicians.

Meanwhile, this is a great blog post that pulls together ten other sites that are packed with useful information on how to use facebook to promote anything – such as your music.

For all true blue Facebook users, it’s also important to know what’s happening on it. For instance, how are the new privacy modifications going to the affect us? What’s the latest social application that we can plug into on Facebook? Or would it be safe to do that in the first place? Facebook news, views, and opinions help us keep us in the know.

I will ask you where you get your Facebook news from later. Right now, check these 10 resources that are always worth a visit for news and articles on Facebook. We will start off from some of Facebook’s own resources.

It’s a great place to bookmark and come back to time after time to keep up to date with everything that you should know about facebook.